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Military & Inclusion


At Huntington Bank, we honor our heroes, the American servicemen and women who bravely protect the freedoms we all enjoy. We humbly recognize the sacrifices they make, but we want to do more than that. We want to recognize the strengths, skills and valuable experience that our service members and veterans bring to the workplace. That’s why we actively recruit both active and retired service members for positions across our organization.

One of our goals is to become an employer of choice for military professionals. To this end, we work closely with our Military Business Resource Group to ensure that service members and their families are assisted during challenging times. We also provide additional benefits and programs specific to our military team members, to better serve the colleagues that are serving us. 


Huntington Bank is built on the diversity of our team members — the one-of-a-kind talents, backgrounds and work styles that each of our colleagues bring to their roles here. We believe this so strongly, that we’ve chosen inclusion as one of our guiding core values. At every level of our organization, from the inside out, our commitment to inclusion demonstrates an understanding and acceptance of diverse points of view, abilities, backgrounds and experience.

To support our commitment to fostering an inclusive and engaging work environment for all, our colleagues came together and created business resource groups (BRGs) that serve our diverse workforce.

  • Adaptability
  • African American BRG
  • Asian BRG
  • Huntington CARES
  • Huntington LGBTA Network
  • Huntington Women’s Network
  • Huntington World Class Administrative Professionals
  • Huntington Young Professionals
  • Latino BRG (UNIVOZ)
  • Military BRG