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Huntington: Stronger Together

Find out what it’s like to work with collaborative, engaged colleagues who are as equally motivated and passionate as you are. Explore a work environment where asking “Why?” is just as valuable as dreaming up the next great idea. Develop relationships that begin around the table, but result in life-long friendships. Discover life at Huntington.

See us in action.

Learn how Huntington is forging a new path in banking that is creating a new standard for the industry. See how the value of a strong customer focus and doing the right thing are woven into the core of the Huntington organization and drive every employee within the company.

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Inspire and be inspired.

As an organization and individually as colleagues, at Huntington, we’re committed to “always getting better”. At work, at home and in our communities, we’re constantly finding ways to grow. Where will this inspiration take you?

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Why Huntington?

Whether you’re just entering the workforce or joining us with years of valuable experience, you’ll have the opportunity to explore our possibilities and choose the career path that best fits your individual skills, background and, most of all, your aspirations.